2019 Race Cats Corner Canyon Spring Track

2019 Race Cats Corner Canyon Spring Track

Practice Schedule: April 8th-June 22nd, 2019

Mon/Wed (plus some additional Thur/Fri) 4:30-6:00pm at Corner Canyon High School

Saturday 10:00-11:15am trail runs from various Corner Canyon trailheads.

Meets: Full 2019 USATF Meet Schedule here


$160 Program Fee

-Covers 11 weeks of small group coaching by USATF Level 1 coaches, track rental, and t-shirt.

$40 Pre-Paid Meet Fees

-In order to encourage more kids to come to the meets, help meet registration run more smoothly, and cover our costs when we attend meets, we are charging $40 for pre-paid meet fees.

This $40 credit will be applied towards your child's meet fees throughout the season. Once the $40 credit has been used up, we will invoice you for any additional meet fees you may have incurred.

Meet Fee PricesĀ 
Developmental meets: $5/event
Association Championship: $8/event
Region 11 Meet: $9/eventĀ  *Tri/Pent/Hept/Decathlon event prices vary

$20 USATF Membership

-Current USATF Membership is now required to participate in Race Cats. If you already have a valid 2019 USATF membership for your child, you do not need to purchase when you register. For those who need one, you will purchase one through our registration process and we will batch process them as a team.

Check here to see if your child's USATF Membership is valid for 2019

Registration is limited to the first 150 athletes. Wait list available.

$20 processing fee for cancellation

Scholarships are available. Email nan@racecats.org to apply for a scholarship.

Ages: Must be between 8-15 years old as of Dec 31, 2019 to participate.

For younger children, please consider starting with the Salt Lake County Rec program or our Fall Elementary program.

What's the Goal?

To prepare kids for high school competition in track and field events through teaching proper technique, a healthy competitive mindset, and confidence.

How does it work? We provide 4-5 stations at every practice.

Distance (800M, 1500M, 3,000M)

Sprints (100M, 200M, 400M, Hurdles)

Throws (Shot put, Javelin, and Discus)

Jumps (High Jump and Long Jump)

Agility (Strength training for ALL athletes)

Athletes will choose their favorite disciplines and have time to practice two or three stations each day. Practices include warm-up, stretching, 25 minutes in their choice of three stations. We end with a cool down game and stretching. Athletes wanting to specialize in one area can spend two rotations in their favorite discipline and also go to the agility station for additional strength and injury prevention training.





SORRY! Our Corner Canyon team is full for Spring 2019. Our Herriman High School and Davis High School locations still have space!

If neither of those teams will work for you, please sign up for our email list and register early next year. In the meantime, I recommend signing up for Dimple Dell track and field to get your child started.

Sorry, our Corner Canyon team is FULL

Team Gear

A Race Cats Elite performance shirt is included in the cost of registration.

Additional items can be purchased in the team store and picked up at practice.

Orders must be placed by April 12, 2019 so they will be ready before the first meet.

Corner Canyon Team Store