2022 Davis Area Race Cats Elementary Track Program


Track Meets: TBD

Registration is OPEN!!

$100 Registration Fee includes:

  • Race Cats t-shirt 
  • Admission for two meets (kids can run up to three events per meet)
  • 6 weeks of training with two practices per week starting April 11

Our program is all about fun, fitness, self-confidence and friends!

The elementary program is for kids K-6th grades. Requests for kindergartner participation must be communicated to your team's head coach. If you have middle school-aged children, please check out the Race Cats Competition Team.

We'll be coaching kids in sprints, distance and field events. Track meets will include 100m, 400m and 1600m (1 mile), with field events of long jump, softball throw and turbo jav (cushioned javelin).

Track meets TBD

Age groups are as follows:

  • 6 and younger (born in 2016 or later)
  • 7-8 (born in 2014-15)
  • 9-10 (born in 2012-13)
  • 11-12 (born in 2010-11)

Kids have more fun when they're running with friends. Please encourage your kids' friends to join too!

Coaches needed! Contact jami.goracecats@gmail.com for more information on coaching!

Coaches get a stipend, reimbursement for one child's registration fee, lesson plan, and coaches kit with supplies needed for successful practices.

Registration Is Open!!

Race Cats Davis Elementary Track Starts on April 11, 2022

Columbia Elementary Team | Coach Kristen West | T/TH 3:40-4:40 | Columbia Elementary School Field

Ellison Park Team | Coach Nicole Cronnelly | T/TH 5:00-6:00 | Ellison Park School Field

Foxboro Elementary Team | Coach Jill McQuay | W 3:30-4:30 F 1:30-2:30 | Foxboro Elementary School Field

Hatch Park Home School Team | Coach Alexis Swanson | M/W 11:00am-12:00pm | Hatch Park 

Knowlton Elementary Team | Coach Jaimie Mills | W 3:30-4:40 F 1:30-2:30 | Knowlton Elementary Field

**FULL** West Kaysville (formerly Jefferson Academy) Team | Coach Shawna Wichtoski | M/W 4:00-5:00 | Pioneer Park, Kaysville

**FULL** Kaysville Elementary Team | Coach Chris Moody | M/TH 3:40-4:40 | Kaysville Elementary School Field

Odyssey Elementary Team | Coach Krystal Watts | M/W 3:30-4:30

Syracuse Elementary Team | Coach Ann Kutterer| T/TH 3:30-4:30 | Syracuse Elementary School Field

West Bountiful Team | Coach Lanita Rodabough | M/W 3:30-4:30 | West Bountiful Park

** Don't see your school?  And/or want to coach?  Contact Jami @ jami.goracecats@gmail.com about starting a team at your school!


There will be a $20 processing fee for cancellation.

Register Here!!!!