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Race Cats is excited to announce that registration for the 2024 Track and Field season will be open beginning of February!  We will  have leagues in Davis, Granite, South Jordan/Herriman, Alpine, Salt Lake, and Tooele this year. We are working on finding teams and coaches for the season.  If you are interested in coaching a team, please email jami.goracecats@gmail.com.  If you want to be the first to know when registration opens, sign up for our mailing list below! We love giving kids the opportunity to exercise, improve their skills, enjoy the outdoors and make friends.   

We have many locations for elementary kids who would like to practice on their own school fields or at local parks. Visit the team page of the area that you are interested to find out where our teams are located! 

For those kids who would like a little more structure and/or are in Middle School/Junior High, we have a Competition Team where all kids who turn 10 by 12/31/2024 and older, regardless of ability, will be able to compete in multiple meets and train with experienced coaches. 


**All practice locations are subject to change due to the drought and field availability.  If the season must be cancelled due to drought or other unforeseeable events, refunds will be given (minus a $20 processing fee). 

What is Race Cats?


The Race Cats Cross Country Program runs from September through October.  It is designed to introduce kids of all experience and ability to the empowering and life-enriching practice of long-distance running through a positive experience that emphasizes FUN and rewards effort, attitude, and personal bests.

The Race Cats Track and Field Program begins the first part of April.  This program is designed to help all kids learn several disciplines in Track AND Field.  They will learn to jump, throw and run and have several opportunities to compete in these events. 


How does it work?


For our elementary teams, practice is held twice a week on your child's school field or at a nearby park for one hour. Children are praised for effort and improvement. Each team has their own jersey color and comes to two races with other Race Cats teams in their city. In the Fall we will have a third race, the Race Cats Championship, where all Race Cats teams come together and compete.

For our competition teams, we will have a longer season, more racing opportunities and experienced coaches to help your athlete develop skills, have fun, and eventually be ready to compete at a high school level. For more information about the competition teams, please visit the page of the team you are interested in! 

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“I don't run to add days to my life, I run to add life to my days”

~ Ronald Rook

Race Details

For Cross Country (Fall):

Each Race Cats meet will have four races:

5-6 year olds (born 2018 and earlier) will race a 1K (.62 mile).

7-8 year olds (born 2016-2017) will race a 2K (1.24 mile)

9-10 year olds (born 2014-2015) will race a 3K (1.86 mile)

11-12 year olds (born 2012-2013) will race a 3K (1.86 mile)

For Track (Spring):  Please see team page for details of elementary and competition Races!

Want to get involved?


Coaches do not need to be experienced runners or even parents at the school. Just willing adults who enjoy kids and who can follow a lesson plan and encourage an energetic group of kids. We will provide coaches with a daily lesson plan, coaching kit with supplies for lesson activities, and a small stipend.

Coaches also get their own children registered for free! If you are interested in leading a team at your school, please contact the Race Cats Director for your city.

Davis County - Jami Caldwell (jami.goracecats@gmail.com)

South Valley/Herriman - Caisa Brown (caisa.brown@gmail.com)


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