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Meet Your Directors

Sandy/Alpine Area Director - Steph Payne

I grew up studying ballet and danced at the Ballet West Conservatory. It was rigorous and consumed much of my free time, but I found the challenge of working to perfect the way I controlled my body to be incredibly satisfying. In college, my friends introduced me to running, and as I started participating in races I was surprised to find that running provided that same sense of satisfaction.

Several years ago I created a dance studio that specialized in motion therapy for young children. I loved teaching and providing kids with opportunities to cope with challenging emotions through movement.

As my three boys get older, I feel strongly that, now more than ever, they need to get out and move. Finding and becoming involved in Race Cats has been the best thing for me and my family. I've loved coaching and watching all the kids progress—and not just in terms of their physical endurance. They develop a sense of pride in their efforts, and they also make new friends and push each other to be better. This has been especially true for my oldest son. He's not naturally interested in sports, but he loves to run, and Race Cats has provided a community where he really feels a sense of belonging.

I'm thrilled to be a part of Race Cats and help kids throughout this area experience the same thing.

Davis Race Cats Elite Director - Jami Caldwell

"I started running in 8th grade. It started out as a social thing--my friends were doing it. At my first race, I got last place! That didn't sit well with me and I kept at it and was running varsity at the high school by 9th grade. I then went on to run at BYU and was a member of 2 National Champion Cross Country teams. I've run competitively ever since (in between babies and injuries).

I love running because no matter what your ability level is, you can always improve and there is a place for EVERYBODY. Everyone on a team contributes in their own way. Running is a great way to learn the values of hard work, persistence, teamwork, and having fun.

I have been on many teams where there is a lot of positive energy (synergy!) and I'm excited to bring that to Race Cats! I believe that I was blessed with a few of the BEST coaches in the nation. Both in High School (Roger Buhrley) and in college (Patrick Shane). I'm really looking forward to paying it forward with these awesome kids in Davis County."

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