2021 Race Cats Competition Spring Track and Field Program Locations (click on school name for link to registration info):

Corner Canyon High School

Herriman High School

Layton High School

Meet Your Directors

Corner Canyon Race Cats Elite Director - Michele Brinkerhoff

"I started track when I was in 3rd grade in Philadelphia in a youth running program similar to Race Cats elementary program.  By 5th grade, I was competing in and winning State Championships and Penn Relays.  As a child growing up, running gave me confidence in all the other sports I did.  It made me feel like I could run faster, jump higher and just do more than I ever could before.  It wasn't until I went to high school that I really started focusing on just running and competing at a higher level.  I started competing in cross country as a Sophomore in High School and immediately realized my talent.  I went on to compete more seriously in cross country through high school and part of college.  I went on to then compete as a coxswain for the Varsity crew team in college.

As I finished college and went to law school, running continued to be a constant companion in my life.  It has always been something that I have loved doing and have loved coaching.  I started coaching adults and writing running programs about 10 years ago.  I have been coaching with Race Cats since it first began in 2016.  I am one of the original Race Cats board members and have truly loved helping this program grow and succeed. I have coached both elementary and Elite teams but have found I am much better suited with working with the Elite program.  I love running and I love the team unity, passion and grit that comes along with this sport.  I hope to share my passion with many more youth athletes.

I have three children: Ava (13), Ryan (9) and Jake (5).  All of my kids are part of the program and love being Race Cats.  Our family does our best to embody the Elite motto every day.  We have fun, work hard and dream big."

Race Cats President and Davis Race Cats Elite Director - Jami Caldwell

"I started running in 8th grade. It started out as a social thing--my friends were doing it. At my first race, I got last place! That didn't sit well with me and I kept at it and was running varsity at the high school by 9th grade. I then went on to run at BYU and was a member of 2 National Champion Cross Country teams. I've run competitively ever since (in between babies and injuries).

I love running because no matter what your ability level is, you can always improve and there is a place for EVERYBODY. Everyone on a team contributes in their own way. Running is a great way to learn the values of hard work, persistence, teamwork, and having fun.

I have been on many teams where there is a lot of positive energy (synergy!) and I'm excited to bring that to Race Cats! I believe that I was blessed with a few of the BEST coaches in the nation. Both in High School (Roger Buhrley) and in college (Patrick Shane). I'm really looking forward to paying it forward with these awesome kids in Davis County."

Herriman Race Cats Elite Director -Caisa Brown

"I started running my sophomore year of high school in Honolulu, Hawaii because my friends were doing it.  I shocked my parents and myself when I did really well in a few of my first races (we soon upgraded my Keds for some Nikes).  I had always been super shy but running gave me a new sense of confidence that carried into all areas of my life.  I loved working hard and seeing myself improve.  I also loved being a part of and helping my team.

I walked on to the BYU Cross Country and Track teams, but quickly found that my faster teammates helped me improve.  While at BYU, I  ran faster than I ever dreamed possible,  I was an Academic All-American, and was lucky enough to be a part of the 1997 Cross Country National Champion team.  While I had some success during my collegiate career, as I look back it was the many heartbreaks and disappointments that actually taught and benefited me most.

Today, I am a mom of 4 little boys and I often say I am now running for sanity.  I often run in the early mornings before they wake up but I also love to run while pushing them in my triple or quadruple running strollers.

Running makes my every day better.  Running has made me better.

I look forward to sharing my passion and love of running with your children."

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