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Meet Your Directors

Corner Canyon HS Director - Nan Kennard

"As a child, I tried everything from dance, tennis, soccer, gymnastics, ballet, swimming, and basketball. Nothing really stuck. I either never fell in love with the sport, or was cut from team. It wasn't until my junior year in high school when I finally found distance running and fell in love with it.

After a quick learning curve, I ran well enough my Senior year to run collegiality and went on to become a 2-time All-American and run on 3 National Championship cross country teams at BYU.

After college, I raced competitively on and off in between pregnancies and busy life stages. Through all the chaos and challenges in my life, running has always been a constant source of peace and joy. Running has provided me with deep friendships, emotional therapy, personal meditation, confidence, and empowerment more than I ever imagined.

My vision for Race Cats is to facilitate opportunities for youth to discover running at a younger age than I did. I've designed the Race Cats program to be fun and positive so we can ignite a love of exercise in young children. I want them to experience the positive physical and mental benefits, confidence, joy, and life-long friendships that running provides. I hope these kids will fall in love with a sport they can do for the rest of their lives.

I look forward to cheering on your child!"

Herriman HS Director -Heidi Summers

"I have been involved in the sport of Track and Field since I was 11. I started on a USATF club and my love for the sport was solidified from a young age. I competed from 11 years old up through my college experience at BYU where I was a heptathlete and hurdler. I was a state champion at West Jordan High School and an All-American in the Pentathlon.

I have been coaching and directing track and field programs since the age of 14. I love it. I can sit and watch a road race or coach for hours at the track and be completely content, until my husband calls and wonders if I am ever coming home. He knows the track is my second home and he supports it.

My goal is to help children learn at a young age that there is more to track and field then just running and to enjoy it. I have had many high school seniors say, "Why didn't I start this sport earlier?!" I want to help as many youth discover the success that can come from the best sport there is!"

Davis HS Director - Jami Caldwell

"I started running in 8th grade. It started out as a social thing--my friends were doing it. At my first race, I got last place! That didn't sit well with me and I kept at it and was running varsity at the high school by 9th grade. I then went on to run at BYU and was a member of 2 National Champion Cross Country teams. I've run competitively ever since (in between babies and injuries).

I love running because no matter what your ability level is, you can always improve and there is a place for EVERYBODY. Everyone on a team contributes in their own way. Running is a great way to learn the values of hard work, persistence, teamwork, and having fun.

I have been on many teams where there is a lot of positive energy (synergy!) and I'm excited to bring that to Race Cats! I believe that I was blessed with a few of the BEST coaches in the nation. Both in High School (Roger Buhrley) and in college (Patrick Shane). I'm really looking forward to paying it forward with these awesome kids in Davis County."

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